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  • Nanaimo Yacht Charter – Best Sea Creatures

    Now when embarking on a yacht charter with Nanaimo, you have to stop and take a moment to appreciate the variety of incredible creatures you are sharing the waters with.

    • Vancouver Yachting – An Exploration?

      British Columbia, Vancouver, and Nanaimo are all famed for their stunning array of wildlife. Set in this picturesque landscape it is yours to explore and enjoy whilst on a yachting holiday with us here at Nanaimo. From statuesque mammals to impressive birds of prey, fascinating marine life and graceful forest creatures – animal lovers are sure to have a whale of a time (excuse the pun!) on a Nanaimo yachting trip.

      • 10 Reasons to be an Adventure Traveller in 2017

        Now it is a well-known fact that the great outdoors is good for you – body and soul. Getting away from the humdrum of day to day life, and getting back to basics is a dream for some. But here at Nanaimo yacht charter in Vancouver we can help make this a reality.

        • Yachting in Vancouver’s Lesser Known Spots

          Vancouver is beautiful, we all know that. What not every knows however is that there are some glorious lesser known spots which are easily reached when travelling on board one of our luxury yachts. The landscape is vast, and the opportunity for nature watching aplenty.

          • Why choose a holiday in Vancouver this winter?

            Winter holidays are arguably the best, wherever you come from in the world what better way to enter the spirit of the season than a holiday in beautiful Vancouver. Or better still, spending Christmas aboard one of Nanaimo Yacht Charter’s beautiful boats,

            • Vancouver Becomes Hot Destination

              Now here at Nanaimo Yacht Charters we may be a little bit biased when it comes to tooting the Vancouver horn, but it appears we are not alone!

              • Vancouver Island – an in-depth history

                So here at Nanaimo we often nod to the history of this great region, but we have never really looked right back, in depth, at the history of this land. In this article we will look at how the island first came to being, who the first settlers were, and other key points in Vancouver Island’s history.

                • Boat Charter Vancouver – A look into Princess Louisa National Park

                  On our 14 day Desolation Sound package, you get to charter your boat through to the stunning Princess Louisa National Park – a gem of the Nanaimo region.

                  • Sailing in Vancouver? Try the Gulf Islands

                    Planning to go sailing in Vancouver? With Nanaimo Yacht Charters there are a couple of itinerary options for exploring the glorious Gulf Islands of British Columbia.

                    • Sailing in Vancouver with Technology

                      Technology is taking over the world. And it can be seen here in Nanaimo and when sailing in Vancouver as the local economy shifts towards the technological.

                      • Best Boating Apps for a Vancouver Sailing Trip

                        When on board one of our beautiful yachts, sailing around the Vancouver Isle and Nanaimo, you may benefit from having some app-based assistance. So we thought we would compile a list of the most useful apps for sailing out there for you.

                        • Combining Yachting and Nature in Vancouver

                          Nanaimo is an ecological treasure trove of life. The beauty of the region and its wildlife is a major draw to many who embark on a boating holiday in the area. And this is why we all must work together to protect the natural environment from several human and non-human threats.

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