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Sailing courses – What to pack – Vancouver Sailing School

DSC_0181Sailing coursesIf you are doing a sailing course with us here at Vancouver Island Sailing School, then you may be wondering what you need to bring with you. We will provide provisioning for the duration of the course and of course the instructor and yacht. But you will need to bring the following in order that you stay comfortable for the duration of your course!

Layering up

We suggest that in cold weather you will be far warmer wearing multiple thin layers, so bring plenty of fleece and thermal long or short sleeved t-shirts, and quick-drying trousers.

If the weather is forecast to be cold, then also bring gloves, hat, scarf and thick socks.

Don’t get burnt or bitten!

In hot weather again quick drying fabrics are recommended, as they will wick sweat away from your body and keep you ultimately cooler. Don’t forget sun-hats and sunscreen, and sunglasses will be invaluable to keep the glare from the water out of your eyes.

Remember insect repellant too, though Mosquitoes aren’t generally a problem here on Vancouver Island

On your feet

Ideally you will want to be wearing shoes that are designed to be non-slip on yachts and also waterproof, so we would recommend deck shoes or sailing boots.

Keep dry

You will need to bring a waterproof coat, and depending on the weather then it may be advisable to bring full wet weather gear with trousers. If you keep dry, you keep warm thus you stay comfortable!

What to put it all in?

The sailboats we use for all of our yachting courses are comfortable and practical, however they are not compactly designed, so we would suggest that you bring a soft fold-able hold-all with you, which can then be stowed away.

Don’t forget…

Sleeping bag, pillow and towel!


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Nanaimo Yacht Charters & Sailing School Ltd
1690 Stewart Ave Nanaimo BC BC Canada V9S 4E1
1-250-754-8601 / 1-877-754-8601

Nanaimo Yacht Charters & Sailing School Ltd.
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