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How many yacht charter terms do you recognize?

There are so many terms you will come across on a yacht charter from the obvious to the obscure!.How often when have you been out on a yacht charter have you heard someone say something that you have no idea what it is! Well when doing any yacht charter you come across all sorts of terminology from the obvious to the more obscure! So we thought we’d do a quick A-Z of some of those yachting terms! Next time you’re out on a yacht charter you’ll never be confused again!

Abeam – To be at a right angle to the length of a sailboat.

Bulkhead – Normally refers to the interior walls on a sailboat.

Catamaran – A sailing boat with 2 hulls.

Clew – The lower aft corner of a sail.

Draft – The depth of a yacht, measured from the deepest point to the waterline.

Ensign – The national flag of a sailboat’s home country.

Forepeak – The cabin found in the bow of a boat, at the foremost point.

Goosewinging – Describes how when sailing downwind with the mainsail on one side and the foresail on the other.

Halyard – The line used to raise things on a boat,  eg the main halyard to raise the mainsail.

Inlet – A recess, such as a cove or bay, along a coastline.

Jackstay – A strong line, often made of wire, which runs fore and aft along the boat and used to attach safety harnesses to.

Ketch – A yacht with 2 masts.

Leeway – When the yacht moves sideways due to the wind and currents.

Multihull – A sailboat with more than one hull eg catamaran or trimaran.

Neap tide – When during the four week tidal cycle, the tide rises and drops the least.

Outhaul – The line used to tension the foot of the sail, to better control the curvature of the sail.

Pulpit – A sturdy rail around the deck on the bow, normally surrounding the forestay.

Quadrant – This is a device connected to the rudder that the steering cables attach to

Regatta – Sailboat racing

Shroud – The wires at the side that hold the mast up

Tender – A small boat or dinghy used to ferry crew between the boat and shore

Unfurl – To unroll a sail

Vane – A wind direction indicator

Winch – A mechanical device for pulling in a line

X – apart from on a treasure map no other sailing term!

Yawing – If a boat is on an uneven course it can move side to side.

Zephyr – A very light westerly wind


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