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Get your yacht ready for Spring sailing in Vancouver!

We bet you are looking forward to getting back out on the water and doing some sailing in Vancouver again just as much as we all are, and though Spring still feels a long time coming, there is plenty we can do to our yachts to get them into prime condition ready for some sailing in Vancouver as soon as Spring arrives!


Follow our pointers below to get your sailboat sailing fit for the Spring!

  • sailboatGive your yacht a good overall general clean, focussing on the hull, deck and topsides using a mild detergent to wash the majority of the winter build up off, you can then follow this with a good coat of wax, plus a good clean and polish of all the metalwork onboard. Check the deck and clean the teak and re-oil if necessary.
  • On the hull check for any scratches or abrasions and repair if necessary. Look at all the rub rails, the swim platform and ladder and make sure it is all in working order. Check the shaft the strut and the prop, not forgetting to have a look at the rudder and it’s fitting too.
  • On the deck, check all your fittings are working correctly and lubricate and repair where necessary, this includes, stanchions, pulpits, tackle, lines and fenders. Ensure that your anchor windlass, winches and cleats are all in good working order. Check all the mast and halyard fittings too and that everything is fit for purpose.
  • Check all the windows and hatches are working correctly, there are no leaks and lubricate the hinges where necessary, then clean.
  • Have a look through all the canvas items onboard, including bimini, and clean and air if possible.
  • Clean and check all the interior including the bilges and make sure they are working for automatic and manual operation.
  • Electrical systems – These will require a thorough check to ensure you are ready for spring, so check your battery levels, and make sure there has been no corrosion present on any terminals. Inspect your onboard wiring for any wear and tear. Make sure that all your electronics are working correctly and have a look at the gauges to make sure all are operating properly. It is also worth turning on all the light fixtures and fittings to make sure everything is working and you have spare bulbs and fuses for everything.
  • Inboard and Outboard Engines will also need a full service and check over if you didn’t do that as part of their layup. Check and change the fuel filters too and carry out any works or servicing as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Check the Heads and the water systems too for any leaks and ensure all the systems and pumps are in order.
  • The sails will need attention too as you want to make sure that they are in a good condition, that all the battens and sail attachments are there and there has been no wear or chafing on the sails.
  • It’s also worth going through your spare parts inventory and check that all your tools are present and correct, it’s easy to use something at the end of the season and remind yourself to put it back come Spring, then when you go to use it you’ve forgotten to replace it!
  • Ensure all your paperwork and yacht registration is up to date and onboard, as well as all your safety equipment, such as fire extinguishers, distress signals, first aid supplies and life vests are all in working order and within expiration dates.

An essential part of a good lay-up of your yacht should involve a thorough and diligent check of all sails, rigging, deck fittings, engine and electronics, enabling you to schedule any work that needs doing over the winter. However, normal wear and tear happens and things change so a complete fresh look over your yacht around this time of year is a good routine to develop in order for you to be completely ready for the new season of sailing in Vancouver.

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Nanaimo Yacht Charters & Sailing School Ltd
1690 Stewart Ave Nanaimo BC BC Canada V9S 4E1
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Nanaimo Yacht Charters & Sailing School Ltd.
1690 Stewart Ave Nanaimo BC, Canada V9S 4E1
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