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Coastal Skipper Sail

Sailors refine and deepen their sailing skills and knowledge as they learn to navigate and skipper a boat in familiar waters in sight of land in moderate weather. In this course, students will further develop all the necessary navigation, boat handling, sailing, weather, and emergency management skills they learned at the Basic/Crew/Day Skipper level.  Here student must demonstrate proficiency in all areas of vessel handling, sailing, and safety and be ready to learn the additional decision-points necessary to accept the responsibility for the safety of the crew.  The course objective is to be able to cruise safely in familiar waters as both skipper and crew of a sailboat in moderate wind and sea conditions by day. This course brings you closer to being able to bareboat charter.


See Schedule for 2022 Course Dates 


Costs (+ tax): $ 3,000 per student- single occupancy (double occupancy – 50% off for the second student) *


Course includes:

  • Accommodation in a fully appointed cabin aboard a 40-50′ yacht – see our complete inventory
  • Delicious meals prepared as a crew (sample menus)
  • Instructional Skippers whose local knowledge and advanced skills will help you reach your goals
  • Rental of tether and harness, if needed
  • Destination: Where the wind blows and we can challenge your coastal navigation skills



  • Coastal Skipper: $225
  • IYT Bareboat Skipper: $200
  • IYT Bareboat Skipper with ICC (Monohull): $350
  • Coastal Navigation: $200
  • IYT VHF: $49.95



  • Achievement of the equivalent of International Crew, Competent Crew/Day Skipper Sail (10+ days liveaboard instruction) and Coastal Navigation
  • 300 nm/at least 20 days sailing, ideally on coastal waterway
  • Red Cross or St. John Ambulance Emergency First Aid certificate
  • VHF – ROC radio certificate


Qualifications to Bareboat Skipper requires successful completion of a minimum of 10-days liveaboard sailboat instruction, a minimum of 14-days aboard a similarly sized sailboat, plus Coastal Navigation, PCOC, VHF radio license, and a 1-day Sea-Trial to demonstrate your competencies at the time of your first charter.  Additional sea-time can be arranged after the completion of your course if your instructional skipper determines that more time is required.


*Dates subject to change based on boat availability, sufficient enrollment, and any applicable health and/or travel restrictions.


*Double Occupancy:  Given the current state of COVID, we have changed our bookings for all group courses by providing each student with a cabin.  This cabin can be shared by a person of your choice, so long as the participant understand that they are joining this course as a fellow-student, whether for certification or to add sea-miles under instruction, and appreciate the nature of the course and it’s demands.  All persons joining the course must be willing to submit to a telephone interview, adhere to all health and equipment requirements, and share in all crew duties as assigned by the skipper while aboard.  Anyone who wishes to disembark from the vessel prior to it’s return to port is responsible for the costs and logistics of arranging their own transportation home and will not be refunded any fees for time not spent aboard.


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Nanaimo Yacht Charters & Sailing School Ltd
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Nanaimo Yacht Charters & Sailing School Ltd
1690 Stewart Ave Nanaimo BC BC Canada V9S 4E1
1-250-754-8601 / 1-877-754-8601

Nanaimo Yacht Charters & Sailing School Ltd.
1690 Stewart Ave Nanaimo BC, Canada V9S 4E1

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