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When is the best time for sailing in Vancouver?

If you are planning on doing some sailing in Vancouver this year and not sure when the best time of year to go is, well read on to discover more about the climate in Canada and what you might expect during the different seasons while sailing in Vancouver.

Canadian Climate

When is the best time for sailing in VancouverCanada is often thought of as having cold weather and snow, but in actual fact the climate in Canada is as diverse as it’s landscape! There are 4 distinct seasons, throughout the country, and daytime summer temperatures can reach 35 degrees Celsius, and the thermostat can drop as low as -25 degrees in the winter! Generally mild moderate temperatures are common during the Spring and Fall.
Out on the prairies in the summer it can be very hot and dry, but on the coast if you are sailing in Vancouver it can be milder, whilst the centre of the country can get very humid. Across the country spring is generally pleasantly warm, whilst Autumn can be crisp and cool, but the landscape is stunning with the the fall colours of orange and red bringing to life the landscape.

Vancouver Island

When is the best time for sailing in VancouverVancouver tends to enjoy a maritime climate; which is typical of the west coasts at the middle latitudes of most continents, whereby they have mild and cool, but not freezing cold winters; and warm (but not boiling hot) summers. There tends to be a relatively narrow annual temperature range.

The warm Pacific Ocean currents tend to give Vancouver Island one of the mildest climates in Canada.

Spring and Autumn are beautiful times to visit, but it can be wet.

Summer is the best time to visit to make the most of the outdoor lifestyle when the weather turns dry and sunny, with long, light evenings.

Winters are traditionally wet, but generally free from snow, apart from on the mountains at Mount Washington and Mount Cain, where you can enjoy snowsports.

All season destination!

One of the reasons Vancouver Island is such a popular location is that it is a fantastic destination to visit all year round! Sailing in Vancouver is possible all year round too, but of course the most stable conditions for sailing are of course the summer, but it is no less spectacular in Spring or Fall, as long as you have the right gear for the appropriate weather there should be no stopping you!

On Vancouver island it is possible to play golf in December, or kayak in February due to the mild climate, so expect to see the Canadians enjoy outdoor pursuits all year round! Of course in the Winter you will see many Canadians enjoying the snow conditions, but the diving in the cooler months is spectacular due to the amazing clarity of the water. [/one_half] [one_half last=”last”]

If you plan on exploring the interior of Vancouver Island, then hiking in the winter gives you the peace and tranquility of many of the region’s trails that can be very busy during the warmer months.

It is also a fantastic place for storm watching with the Pacific Rim bringing some of the most stunning storms to watch and wonder at.

Of course the scenery is spectacular throughout the year, but early Spring brings some magnificent vistas, with Fall bringing a blaze of colour and making for some stunning scenery.

Whatever time of year you choose to go sailing in Vancouver, you can be assured of a memorable holiday.


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