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5 snorkeling tips for your Vancouver yacht charter

5 tips for snorkeling on your Vancouver yacht charter

Snorkeling in Vancouver

Previously we talked about some of the great diving sites you can access if you are sailing on a Vancouver yacht charter. This article looks at some good snorkeling tips to brush up on in preparation for your Vancouver yacht charter and to get the most out of the over and underwater scenery waiting for you!

Good kit!

Make sure the kit that you are using is good quality and fits you properly

Good kit!

Make sure the kit that you are using is good quality and fits you properly – if your mask leaks or keeps fogging up it can really spoil your enjoyment. Hold the snorkel mask up to your face clearing the strap from your face, then breathe in through your nose, the mask should seal perfectly and stay on, without holding it, for as long as you breathe in. If any air leaks in then water will too. Make sure the strap fits securely at the widest part of your head.

Your snorkel should rest in front of your ear

If you can choose dry snorkels then do, as these have a special valve at the top which seals shut when it’s underwater.

Make sure that your fins are a good snug fit but not too tight or you may give yourself cramp, and ensure they have no broken straps so they are attached to your foot properly – these are invaluable when snorkeling as they boost your swimming force brilliantly saving you lots of energy! Remember they are easier to fit on when your feet are wet.

Practice your technique

It is a great idea to get the most out of your snorkeling or diving on your Vancouver yacht charter, to get some snorkeling practice or training in first. It is a great way to brush up on your technique and learn some valuable skills, such as; swimming slowly at a speed that allows you to breathe slowly, learning how to float slowly, and the best fin technique.

Never dive alone

It is unlikely that you will be on your own on your Vancouver yacht charter, but it is recommended that you snorkel or dive with a minimum number of 3 people – one person snorkeling, one other as your snorkeling or diving partner and the third person on shore or water lookout. The safest procedure to use is to have one diving and one up on the water’s surface. Don’t forget to look around for your exit spot or boat every couple of minutes.

Knowing your own personal limitations is also important, recognize them and remain alert to them. There is no need to push your limits.


Pick your dive sites carefully

Also choose a dive site that does not have heavy water traffic or is known for fast currents and rip tides. Go for sites where the water is calm as this increases your visibility and gives you time to practice and use your equipment to build up your confidence in the water. It’s also a good idea to be aware of the weather forecast too, so you know what conditions are expected at the time you plan to go snorkeling.

Don’t dive if you are unwell

If you have a cold or are feeling unwell then it is not a good idea to snorkel. This is simply because you won’t be able to hold your breath easily for long or swim very far. To get the most out of any snorkeling you do on your Vancouver yacht charter, then only go if you are fit and healthy.

So go forth and snorkel and enjoy the amazing underwater sights that will greet you on your Vancouver yacht charter.


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