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Yacht Management

Yacht Management - Yacht Ownership can earn moneyFor those yacht owners who have a NEW YACHT ( Circa: 2014 & 2015)  and wish to earn money by chartering their yacht in our fleet, we have the following programme.

What do you get?

  • » Income – we sell the “unused” time
  • » Free hauling – for the first 3 years
  • » Free bottom painting – for the first 3 years
  • » Free zinc maintenance – for the first 3 years
  • » The ability to use the boat whenever
  • » A boat maintained in top condition
  • » Reduction in yacht ownership costs (Discounted labor costs)
  • » Peace of mind that your boat is in good hands
  • » Increase in resale value as your boat does not deteriorate.

The Programme:

  • – You receive 80% of the charter fee for the first year, thereafter the revenue is  assuaged  by 5% each year until year 5.
  • This high revenue split (largest on the BC Coast ) allows you to pay all the costs relating to your yacht’s upkeep which, with our skills experience and knowledge are kept to a minimum.
  • Your time on your vessel is free and your have additional revenue.
For those owners who have a PRE-OWNED VESSEL (5 years and newer is preferable) and wish to earn money by chartering their yacht in our fleet, a 60% split of the net charter revenue is enjoyed. Call us for details on 1 877 754 8601

Yacht Management Team

Together with his team, our CEO, Ian MacPherson, who has for more than 30 years run charter operations for Sunsail in the Caribbean, the Mediterranean and Vancouver, will professionally manage and maintain your yacht.
The team consists of people who have operated yacht charters around the world, and with years of experience in the boating industry and boat charter management,  they can ensure you that your vessel is maintained to the highest standard.

Based in Stones Boatyard,  the team enjoy an excellent on-site full service facility with a new 83 ton travel lift and a large workshop.

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