Vancouver Island Yacht Charters

Vancouver Island Yacht Charters

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  • Fishing while you cruise – our first attempt!

    As some folks may know, before immigrating to Canada, we built a 40’ Endurance Ketch called “Baraka” which became our home at sea for 10 years….. An excerpt from the book (in progress) “Are we East or West of the Equator?” – by Ian MacPherson! Hopefully your fishing while chartering along our spectacular coast will be far more peaceful!…………. ‘This was an important activity on board, one that broke the monotony of […]

    • How did we get involved with Nanaimo Yacht Charters?

      We have been asked on several occasions how we came to know and eventually purchase our charter company on the island.  So here is our story – in Ian’s own words: My deep sleep was interrupted by a phone ringing.  I cast my eye across to the alarm clock on my bed side table; it was 3 o’clock in the morning. Who could be ringing at this ungodly hour? It was one […]


        Bareboat Chartering – Is it for you? Article by Evan Seys The banner, “My Boat Costs Me Nothing” can be seen on the company’s website and pretty much says it all if you are an owner. You have thought for years that you would love a boat but how often would you get to use it? You work, you have family commitments, and you have few holidays, so how could you justify […]

        • More Living Magazine Article

          Article by Mary Ann Moore The sailor… responds to the subtle shiftings of the wind, the imperceptible ebbings of the tide. He changes course. He trims the sheets. He sails. – Richard Bode, first you have to row a little boat The spectacular beauty of Vancouver Island and British Columbia’s coast is unparalleled anywhere in the world. While visiting or living on the mid-Island, you have convenient access to the most central […]


            Getting to our base just got even easier – Twice daily flights with Westjet and Air Canada

            • Gulf Island: The Chartering Romance

              A hassle-free getaway for two through the heart of the gulf islands. When one thinks of the LOVEBOAT, the image of a luxury cruise liner with lovers promenading about the decks comes to mind. For my husband and I, it was the idea of chartering a sailboat to explore the Gulf Islands on a four-day getaway just for two; a chance to relax and re-connect to ourselves, each other and to the […]

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